Loren Campos

It was a cold evening when I arrived in Houston. I was 11 years old. I was with my mother, a strong woman who raised 6 children all on her own. The first thing that struck were the magnificent skyscrapers in downtown. I remember looking over to my mom and saying, “One day I will be an Engineer so I can help build buildings as beautiful as those”.

In December 2014, thanks to HB1403, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and I began to work in January designing the buildings that inspired me the first day I stepped foot in this city. My degree will enable me to contribute even more to the economy by possibly buying a new car or a home and paying more in taxes.

We have not received a free ticket into college. This is an earned opportunity. Therefore, I ask our Texas lawmakers to oppose bills like HB209 and SB117 that will make it more difficult for young people like me to access higher education. We consider Texas our home and we want to contribute.