Viridiana Tule

For more than 14 years, I lived in the shadows that surround the reality of undocumented individuals. As an undocumented student, I was often defined by the lack of a 9-digit number and not by my academic excellence, drive and determination.

After fighting the odds, HB1403 gave my sister and I the opportunity to attend and graduate with honors from the University of Texas at Austin. We were given the opportunity to get an education through HB1403 and now, as permanent residents, we are giving back to this wonderful state that has given so much to us.

I currently mentor 3 high school students who are in the top 10% of their class. Unfortunately, without HB1403, these bright and talented students will not be able to pursue their dream of attending college. Just like my sister and I, these students also have dreams and aspirations of becoming college graduates. They have done everything we’ve asked them to do and as result they have excelled in school. Now, how can I go back to them and tell them that it was all in vain?